Powerful Earthquake 4.5R – Shakes Zakynthos island

A new 4.3R magnitude earthquake has hit southeast of the Greek Island of Zakynthos, according to a preliminary reading by the US Geological Survey!

Massive Cloud on the Skies above Athens, Greece

As weather conditions in Greece have continued to deteriorate since the early hours of Thursday, a massive storm cloud was spotted in the skies above Athens!

BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake (5.4R) hits Rhodes Island

Α 5.2-magnitude Earthquake shook the Greek Island of Rhodes, in Greece’s Dodecanese islands archipelago, on Thursday morning at 07:44 am.

Greek Hotel on Rhodes sponsors British Couple’s Wedding after Thomas Cook Collapse

The wedding took place on the beautiful Greek island on Friday, September 27!

2 people Dead as Violent Storms hits western Greece

A series of violent thunderstorms swept across most of the Ionian Greek Islands and western parts of the Greek mainland on Tuesday morning 24/9/2019.

Powerfull Earthquake (magnitude 5.5R) hits Crete Island

An earthquake measuring between 5 and 5.5 on the Richter scale struck the southeastern coast of Crete on Tuesday morning, rattling residents in Siteia.

Thomas Cook collapses – 50.000 Travellers stranded in Greece

Some 50,000 holidaymakers stranded in Greece due to the collapse of the Thomas Cook tour operator are to be repatriated in the coming days!

Theopetra Cave in Greece: The Oldest human construction in the Wold

Theopetra Cave, located in the Meteora limestone rock formations of Thessaly, is likely to be the place of the oldest human construction on earth.

Stong Earthquake (5.8R) in Albania felt in Greece

A double earthquake stroke Albania on Saturday afternoon, caused panic among the locals and was felt also in North and West Greece

❤️ Pray for GREECE 🙏 Pray for Zakynthos Island 😔

Dozens of tourists were evacuated early Saturday morning from the villages Lourdata and Vlahata on Kefalonia due to wildfires raging in the area!

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