Top 10 Most Expensive Greek Islands

Greek islands are very beautiful and the most popular as also the most luxurious and expensive. Below you'll find the most expensive islands in Greece!

Paros – The Best Island in the World for 2018

A new, great distinction for Greece is the “Best Island in the World for 2018” award. Paros was the island which won the World’s Best Travel Awards...

Greece named as one of 10 most Beautiful Countries in the World

“Each of Greece’s more than 6,000 islands and islets offer exquisite panoramas. Lay on the cliff-led beaches of Zakynthos or travel across the mountains of Epirus,”

Top 10 Most Exotic Beaches in Greece

If you're tired of glamorous and overcrowded seaside resorts , here is our guide for 10 of the most alternative, exotic and secluded beaches in Greece!

Heat wave with above 40° Celsius to strike Greece

Get ready for a hell of a weather with temperatures reaching 40° Celsius!

Paxos Island: Caribbean azure meets Emerald Green

Paxoi is the smallest group of islands in the Ionian Sea. The most noteworthy in the group are Paxos & Antipaxos which have many magical places to see!

Top 10 Places to Visit in Greece in 2018

A round up of some of our favourite destinations in Greece for 2018.

How to fall in Love with Corfu in 4 Days

You can not get bored on Corfu and views are unearthly. Read more!

Skiathos: Caribbean Azure meets Emerald Green

Top places to visit this Island in Greece’s northern Sporades!

Temperature will rise to 35°C this Week in Greece

After a rainy week Summer is back again and temperatures are set to reach 35 °C in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and other areas of Greece.

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