Woman mauled to death by stray Dogs in Greece

A retired British has been mauled to death and partly eaten by a pack of stray dogs while on holiday in Greece, authorities in Athens have announced.The 63-year-old woman had been missing since Thursday after trekking back from  an archaeological site near Petrota Beach in Northern Greece.
The woman, who had been staying with relatives in the nearby town of Maroneia, phoned her family to say that she was being attacked by stray dogs.
The family then contacted the local authorities, which began a search. Yesterday parts of her body were discovered by the team that had been scouring the mountainous region.
“It was a tragic sight,” a senior police officer with knowledge of the investigation said. “Her body was found shredded to pieces, some of it devoured. Even experienced forensics crews were shocked when they faced the harrowing sight.”

Source: https://greekcitytimes.com

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