The Smiths have been cruising the Ionian Sea in Western Greece on a luxury yacht and they obviously could not just swim and have fun after they saw the ugly sight of the beaches of Antipaxos which were rubbish of plastic bottles and glasses.
Will’s sixteen-year old daughter, Willow, posted about the clean the beaches action on her personal Instagram account and spread the news of her worth imitate action at her 2.3 million followers.
She actually wrote that a group of seven people cleaned up three beaches and gathered 22 plastic bags full of plastic and urban debris.There where also many Greeks between her followers, who commented on her post and congratulated her for the initiative.The Smith family loaded the garbage bags on their yacht and probably handed them over to some local landfill. The Smith family have been cruising the Ionian Sea and they also paid a visit to Corfu
According to local media Corfypress, the Smiths enjoyed lunch in a restaurant on the old city in Corfu and Will Smith had a picture with the owner. Willow Smith also posted gorgeous pictures promoting the natural beauties of Greece and just the pollution and the human ignorance.