This word dates back to the dawn of Greek classical period,

..and the exact meaning of it isn’t completely clear, given that the word belongs to the pantheon of Greek lexical items that defy easy explanation.
The official translation is love of honor, and it is a try to describe the constellation virtues of the word.
The word filotimo is almost impossible to translate understandably as it describes a complex of virtues like honor, dignity and pride, the ideal actions and behaviors, hospitality, bonds, and responsibilities between each other.However the etymology is not too hard to work out, the difficult part is that there is no equivalent in English or any other languages.
This thing is not unusual as many languages have words that cannot be rendered in other languages. The word refers to the concept of a ‘none-for-profit altruism.
Greeks feel it is a virtue to have filotimo, it is like a mirror to your soul, when you actually offer your heart in any situation without expecting to gain anything in return. That is a hard virtue to adopt as a way of life but in Greece they grow up, learning the meaning and the value of ‘filotimo’.