Why choosing Greece and the Greek islands for your holiday? You will find here a list with reasons that will make you choose to travel this Autumn to Greece!

1) The perfect weather: Still warm, but not so hot!

2) The lower prices: Get lower prices, even at the most luxurious hotels!

3) Always find a sun bed: Beaches are not so crowded!

4) No more queues: Archaeological sites & museums have fewer visitors!

5) Upgraded service: Fewer guests lead to more personalized service!

6) Cheaper air tickets: Reach Greece at a much lower cost!

7) Warm waters: The Sea is cleaner & the waters are pleasantly warm!

8) Take better pictures: The sky is clearer so you can capture the best photos!

9) Eat as much as you want: Summer is ending, so don’t hold back your appetite!

10) Power-up for winter: Taking a holiday in Autumn will fill your batteries for the upcoming winter!