What if I tell you there is a small village in Crete without any electricity trail and that listed it as one of the top 50 magical places to see in Europe?People here don’t watch television, they aren’t hooked on social media and they cook only what they gather from nature.
No, I didn’t take this story from a tale by Hans Christian Andersen! This village is a reality. Well, almost…A cross between a Cretan village, an ecological farm and a mountain hostel, Milia is a unique and ambitious project.Set high above the Topolia gorge in the western foothills of the White Mountains, at the head of an enclosed valley bursting with chestnut and arbutus trees.
This tiny settlement was used as a hideout by WW2 resistance fighters, and later abandoned. But, in 1982, two energetic, eco-minded locals decided to bring it back to life. Using private and EU funds, they reconstructed old houses, reintroduced livestock and replanted terraces.