A video was recently uploaded on Youtube depicting one of the lowest possible landings to ever have taken place at the airport on Skiathos, in Greece.

Skiathos island’s Airport is well known for its proximity to a beach and the nearby yachting docks, where thousands of people enjoy relaxing summer moments.
Despite prominent signage and constant warnings from the authorities for people to avoid getting close to the edge of the airport runway, many tourists go as close to it as possible, to take a picture or shoot a video.
This time, a video captured the moment when a British Airways aircraft flew at an extremely low altitude moments before its landing, which created powerful wind blasts similar to a boat’s wake…

Skiathos airport’s runway and its close proximity to an adjacent public road have made it an extremely popular destination for people known as “planespotters.”

The island airport is frequently compared to Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of Saint Maarten in the Caribbean Sea for its runways which are just feet away from the sea and are particularly challenging to pilots.