The day Greeks eat large amounts of grilled meat.

The meaty climax of the Greek Apokrias (From Meat) Carnival spirit is on Thursday. Literal Meaning: “Thursday of the Smoke of Grilled Meat” – “Tsikna” means charred meat and “Pempti” means Thursday.
It is part of traditional celebrations for the three-week carnival season in Greece, held before Lent begins ahead of the Orthodox Easter.
The 1st week is Profoni (prelude), the second week is Kreatini (meat week), the third week is Tirofagou (cheese week). The custom originated from ancient Greece.Tsiknopempti is on the Thursday of the week known as Kreatini, when large amounts of meat are traditionally grilled and consumed before Easter. It is celebrated 11 days before Clean or Ash or Pure Monday, marking the start of Lent.