London, UK to Brussels, Belgium

Start your grand European tour at London’s Victoria Coach Station. You’ll see the countryside of Southeastern England,

..traverse the tunnel under the English Channel, skirt the coastline of France, and travel just outside Bruges and Ghent before arriving in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium to Luxembourg City

Hoard some Belgian chocolate for later and move along. This route takes you through German forests, with a 3-hour layover to explore the city of Bonn.

See the house where Beethoven was born, get a good look at the Rhine, and then head to the old fortressed city of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arrive at the infamous Dutch capital in just under seven hours. It’s ridiculously easy to do Amsterdam on the cheap: People-watch in the red light district, check out the art galleries on Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, wander into one of the city’s hidden gardens, or attend an outdoor film festival, all for exactly zero money.

Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Denmark

This bus ride is an overnighter, and hopefully the sun will be up by the time you hit the Fehmarn ferry, an epic 45-minute boat ride across the

Fehmarnbelt from Germany into Denmark. From there, you’ll pass through gorgeous Danish towns and sprawling countryside into Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark to Berlin, Germany

There are a few different ways to book this leg. You can enjoy the Gedser-Rostock ferry, a scenic one-hour, 45-minute ride across the Baltic Sea, or take a longer trip that includes a few hours’ stopover in Hamburg.

But the cheapest overnight route will have you in Berlin by 8:30am.

Berlin, Germany to Warsaw, Poland

The bus leaves from either the Berlin Central Bus Station or Schonefeld Airport, so starting your journey with a flight to Berlin is also an option. Next stop is Poland, another one of those charming dirt-cheap countries that not enough Americans visit.

Warsaw, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic

It’s a long road to Prague, with a trip through Dresden along the way, but it’s well worth it once you arrive at one of the most picturesque cities on Earth.

Europe’s “City of Spires” certainly has some grand architecture, and taking a day or two to inspect it all, along with Prague Castle, is definitely worth it.

Prague to Vienna, Austria

Vienna ain’t cheap, but hanging here feels fancy and indulgent even if you aren’t dropping a ton of money.

It’s classy, cosmopolitan, chock-full of attractive humans, and one of the most spectacular architectural cities in Europe.

Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia

Because Vienna is often the airport of choice for those flying to Slovakia, there’s no shortage of cheap busses going from the Austrian capital to Bratislava. It’s only a few minutes’ walk to the city center where you’ll find one of Europe’s best-kept secrets for divine food and laid-back vibes.

Bratislava, Slovakia to Budapest, Hungary

If you can, take the bus that leaves Bratislava at 10:20am; not only is it the cheapest, it also gets you into Budapest with enough time for a full evening in town.

Spend it at one of Budapest’s famous ruin bars like Szimpla Kert, a former abandoned factory that has quirky themed rooms…