There is great food

The dishes are full of flavor, being prepared with local and fresh ingredients, especially the haloumi and feta cheese that add extra flavor to manydelicacies.

It has a wonderful climate

With perfect climatic conditions, Greece and the amazing Greek islands will allow you to enjoy each season in any of its wonderful destinations and resorts.

As it is not too hot or cold here, it delivers the perfect climate that lets you get every opportunity to have a great holiday with lots of activities.

There are beautiful villages

The country’s villages are known for being picturesque with each having their authentic charm and distinctive characteristics.

You will see scenic villages filled with colorful houses and other historic sites, such as churches. In them, you can immerse yourself in a typical life in Greece.

It has lovely natural diversity

When visiting the country, you will that it has great diversity, with a variety of landscapes and places that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

It has wonderful monuments and heritage sites

As the country is known for having several UNESCO World Heritage sites, you will be able to see some of the world’s most amazing monuments.

Monuments such as the medieval town of Mystras and the archaeological site of Delphi Oracle, which you should not miss.

There are warm and welcoming people

What make Greece feel like a home away from home is its people, who are truly warm and welcoming. Their hospitality will make your holiday in the country more enjoyable.

It offers things that are unique to the place

The country offers many opportunities that you will not find elsewhere, like climbing the Meteora; tasting the mastiha, which are only cooked in Chios;

…and diving into unspoiled coves. These are special and rare experiences that you cannot miss during your trip here.

It has a rich culture and tradition

Due to its location, Greece has a rich culture and tradition, influenced by the many occupations by different people in the country.

It has numerous beautiful islands

The country covers an archipelago comprising thousands of islands, which means that you will find land masses of different sizes, shapes and qualities.

There are splendid beaches

Greece is known all over the world for having an endless number of beautiful beaches, with one different from another.

While Mykonos has white sandy beaches with clear andturquoise waters. Santorini Island boasts of volcanic sand beaches with pebbles and shells.