Athens, Capital City of Greece

The city of Athens is the capital of Greece that has become a favorite destination for foreign and local tourists.

It has some of the iconic structures that tourists simply can’t resist. Aside from the Parthenon, New Acropolis Museum, and the National Archaeological Museum.

The City of Thessaloniki

Budget-conscious individuals might not love this city.

But, for those who like to party a lot and enjoy the trendy galleries and shops, aside from the bustling nightlife, Thessaloniki is the place to be.

The ancient Delphi Oracle

The town of Delphi is dubbed as the navel of the world, according to ancient Greeks. Here stands the temple of the Greek god Apollo, during the 4th century BC.

The ancient Olympia

Olympia is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games and it is the most gorgeous location in the Peloponnese Peninsula.

It houses the remnants of the stadium during the contests.

Nafplio, the first Capital of Greece

The rich history of the city of Nafplio is difficult to match anywhere in Greece.

In fact, it is one of the most romantic and elegant destinations in the country.

Parga, Epirus

Parga is a quaint town and the most famous summer destination in Epirus. This is located west of Greece. The town is built amphi-theatrically beneath hill slopes…

Elafonissi, Crete

Elafonissi was once again voted the best beach in Greece. It is a peninsula-like island and has an amazing coast covered in white sand and has turquoise waters.

Navagio, Zakynthos

Navagio is the most popular beach and the landmark of Zakynthos Island.

It is reached only by boat, it is surrounded by majestic white rocks and it is known for the shipwrecked boat lying on the coast.

Balos, Crete

Of course Crete took the second place as well in this list. Balos is a magical lagoon near the city of Chania. It is covered in white sand with pieces of pink shells…

Kleftiko, Milos Island

Kleftiko is one of the most noted places in Milos. It is a complex of high grey rocks with curves and caves in the middle of the turquoise water.