It is difficult to choose correctly your travel destination especially in the summer season. Should I visit an island at the northern part of the Aegean Sea or at the southern one?That is the most common dilemma of the foreign travelers in Greece.
Beauties can be found at the both parts of the Aegean Sea, as the variety of options is wide. Let us discover together which islands should be explored first! Grab your luggage and let us go!


Milos is a fantastic island with so many options! Try to swim at all the island’s beaches, as it is a volcanic one with rare characteristic that should be discovered!


Samos is considered one of the greenest islands of the Aegean Sea. It is covered with forests providing its guest a “green” escape from the “grey” big cities. Do not miss it!


Egina is not so famous as a travel destination to the foreigners. However, it is a very popular weekend escape for the Athenians. It is a beautiful place, where you can find all you will need.


Thassos is located at the northern part of the Aegean Sea and it is easily accessible by the ports of Kavala and Keramoti. It combines harmonically the sea and the mountain element.


Skyros is thought to be the hidden gem of the Aegean, as it has dense forests and dwellings built with influences of the Cycladic architecture. During your stay, do not forget to share your photos!


Sifnos belongs to the archipelago named Cyclades. It is a beautiful small island ideal for vacations, if you want to forget the quick everyday routine of the city.


In the past, Leros had a very bad reputation because it served the Greek state being a prison island and a mismanaged mental hospital. Nowadays, the island is extremelly famous, though!


Patmos is abeloved travel destination especially for the religious ones. There, you can find the John Monastery built around the 1000’s having its famous library.


Ikaria is named after Icarus. According to the myth, Icarus flew too near the sun with his wings made of wax. He drowned falling of his burnt wings giving his name to this beautiful island.

10. KEA

Kea belongs to the archipelago of Cyclades and it lies close to Athens. It is a beloved destination for the Athenians because of its proximity.