A new video from Greek filmmaker and photographer Alexandros Maragos shows viewers a side of Athens they rarely get to see.

“City of Athens—a Portrait of a Changing Metropolis” takes you over the Greek capital at night, using a combination of hyperlapse, timelapse, and drivelapse shots to showcase Athens in all of its glory.
While viewers will be able to see famed ancient historical sites and ruins like the Parthenon and Athens’ Acropolis,
..they’ll also be able to see the modern transformation the city has been experiencing through its high-rise glass structures.
In addition to showcasing the city’s urban side, Maragos scaled some of the highest points both in and around Athens to capture mesmerizing overarching shots of the city coming alive in light at nighttime. Some shots he captured in thunderstorm.
The scenes were created using a combination of around 60,000 raw images shot across Athens’ highest rooftops, hills, and mountains.
He’s also the first person to secure permission from the Greek Police to use their headquarters’ rooftops for some of the film’s overarching shots.