Have a romantic meal

The island could not only provide its visitors with stunning natural beauties. It is well-known that there is also a wide variety of exceptional restaurants.

Do not forget to visit the center of the island, which is called Chora, and have a meal in the restaurant or drink a beer in a bar!

Take a walk

Take your sunglasses, grab your comfortable shoes and explore the island on foot! Having a walk will help you see better the island and visit more places.

If you are not too tired, try also to swim at the beach and return to your hotel without a car, as the distances are usually not so long!

Traditional specialties

The Greek cuisine is world-famous and most of the tourists are usually amazed by the well-combined ingredients of the traditional Greek dishes.

Go to the beach

Some claim that Mykonos is the ultimate paradise, as its beaches are very good organized and full with celebrities.

Try to wear your most expensive swim wear and run to the nearest beach. You will have the chance to see celebrities swimming; you should not miss that!

The windmills of the Island

In Mykonos there are 16 windmills, which are not longer functional. Nowadays they are simply a tourist attraction reminding us the preindustrial era.

If you are in Chora, do not miss to visit them. Rent a car or use the public transportation in order to have access to them!

Be a Party-animal

Mykonos is all about its parties. There are so many little local bars that will amaze you if you will visit them at the night. The party is endless here.

Extreme activities

If you are all about the fitness and the well-being of your body, Mykonos is the ideal place for you. As you are here, you will have the chance to bike, scuba dive or fish.

There are several clubs that will help you, if you are facing any troubles choosing your activities. Explore the beauties of the island having another perspective.

Rent a scooter

If you want to visit the island in August, having long walks may not be a good idea. The temperatures are extremely high in that period of the summer.

Try to rent a scooter and spend your time at a beach. Renting scooters or even cars is not so expensive and it depends on the vehicle you want!