The Greeks created countless things and have an impact in the modern world.

Greeks were at the start of many great things and there are definitely some things that the Greeks still do best.


There is nothing like walking into a gorgeous open-roof restaurant and getting your first whiff of a Souvla, which is skewered lamb, often marinated in olive oil, salt, and pepper and then slowly cooked over a barbecue.


Live traditional music all night long are the main characteristics of a Greek wedding.

Family Gatherings

Greeks are always finding ways to celebrate.

Family is really important in Greek culture, so they tend to celebrate it a lot.

Breaking Plates

Greek people are exceptionally good at breaking plates.

If you go to a party, guaranteed at some point in the evening clay plates will be spun into the air and sent crashing to the floor.

Traditional Dancing

Over 4000 traditional dances have been developed through all the regions of Greece, and even to this day are appreciated by young and old people.

Boat Trips

There Boat trips all around the islands which offer an unforgettable holiday.

Party Life

Mykonos. Zakinthos. Corfu. Malia. Kos.

Countless of the Greek islands have become well-known in Europe for hosting some of the best party spots over the summer.