The World will turn Greek to mark Greece’s bicentennial, celebrated on March 25, commemorating 200 years since the declaration of its Independence.
Iconic landmarks in all of those countries will be illuminated in blue and white in honor of the Greek people and their struggle for freedom 200 years ago.

Greece Bicentennial in the United States

Lighting up their most iconic landmark buildings and bridges in the blue of the Greek flag for one night,

American cities from East to West will honor the nation of Greece as well as the many millions of Greek-Americans who are part of the fabric of the country.

Boston to be in blue and white for Greece Bicentennial

The cities of Boston, Lowell, and Fall River in Massachusetts, as well as Providence, Rhode Island, and Manchester, New Hampshire, will light up their iconic bridges and city halls in blue for the celebration of 200 years of Greek independence.

Niagara Falls

The illumination of this wonder of nature, shared between the US and Canada, will take place on Thursday, March 25, from 9:45-10:00 pm EST. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the official Niagara Falls website (no password required).


The New South Wales government agreed that the iconic Sydney Opera House will be bedecked in the Greek flag for March 25.

NSW Premier Gladys Berjiklian announced that the Sydney Opera House will be lit up in blue and white on 25 March to commemorate 200 years of Greek independence.