Once again, Paxoi are among the number one destination for the summer season.

This island group offers a great deal to its guests, as it combines harmonically the element of nature with the cosmopolitan aura of the town.Because of that fact, thousands of tourists are travelling to Paxoi as we read!
Approximately four thousands are estimated that have swum in the turquoise waters. The touristic interest has been increasing especially recently, as many celebrities are now preferring to travel here.Typical examples of celebrities that booked their accommodation for the summer here are, Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves.

The beaches of these two islands are maybe the most amazing that you should not miss during your visit.

The beaches are covered either with a golden sand or with ivory white stones that reflect the sun.The smallest island of this little cute island group is Antipaxos, which has been visited by many important people both in Greece and in all over the world.

The tourists visiting antipaxos use mainly boats, as the transportation is very easy.

The island is very small and there are not many spots on it that can be seen or accessed by car. Boat is the perfect solution for that.

That is why, many celebrities with boats combine their vacation in Corfu and in Paxos with Antipaxos. The weather is almost always good without causing any problems to the island’s guests.