The sand comes in colors of yellow, white, or gray. Sometimes, if it’s volcanic, also black. But what about a pink sand beach, such as Elafonissi or Balos?

That’s right! Beaches where the sand is coloured pink! As incredible as it may seem, they do exist, but there are very few to be found on Earth.Elafonisi beach sits on the south east side of Crete and is well known for its pure white sands. In certain light, you can see the pink sand of Elafonisi, said to be caused by the coral that over time has been broken down by Mother Nature.
The beach is mainly sandy with small rocky outcrops and it’ss perfect for relaxing.Balos is a special beach. It has white and pink sand – actually, the pink color of the sand comes from old seashells that have been transformed by the power of the sea.
The waters are shallow, crystal-clear and warm.
As Balos is a lagoon, swimming there is like in a vast, very picturesque pool!