Crete has no dangerous animals. However, over time there have been rumours of a Cretan Lynx living in isolated areas of the White Mountains!The mysterious wild cat of Crete (Felis silvestris) or fourogatos is an endemic subspecies of the European wildcat. It is limited to a small part of Crete.
How about living in a beautiful places by the Cretan seaside and then going for an excursion suddenly you come across a living creature that comes straight from the wildlife? Well everything is possible in Crete island.The extra rare Cretan wildcat still survives on its highlands. It’s latin name is Felis Silvestris Cretensis. It was considered extinct, but it was rediscovered the last years.
It’s habitats are mainly the Psiloritis mountain and the Rouvas forest, but it is believed that it can be seen in Lefka Ori mountains and in Samaria gorge.
Fourogatos was considered extinct for many years, and its existence was scarcely evidenced by local shepherds. It is believed that just a few families still surviving in Crete island. So maybe you will be lucky enough to watch this remarkable rare creature in its natural habitat.