The ancient Greeks have had a great impact on Italy.

The reason why is because of the thought that the ancient Greeks laid the foundation for western civilization. Sciences such as mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy and history were thoroughly studied and analyzed.Due to that fact, the Greek language have been spread and taught not only in the region of the Italian states but all around the Europe.
Greek is spoken by a group of people that are called Griko. Griko is a word that is estimated that comes from the Italian word “Greco”, which means “Greek”.To be fair, Griko language can be considered a dialect of Greek origin that has element of the Calabrian dialect. Griko people are around 80,000 people, who live in the in Southern part of the current Italy state; Calabria, Apulia, Bovesia and Salento.
The area having an intense Greek element are Grecia Salentina, which is near the town of Lecce.
Lecce is also inhabited by the Griko people having the ethnic Greek minority, Griko.A typical example of a “Greek” town within the Italian state is Calimera. It is funny, if you consider that “calimera” means “good morning” in Greek. It is as the town welcomes you with its special way.
Reading all the above information, we can realize that the Greek element is present in many Italian regions especially those located in the southern parts of the country. The Greeks are not the people, who will be let unseen regardless the time; past and present are mixed in our case providing us with a beautiful result, the mixture of two great ancient cultures!