There are two minority Greek languages officially recognized in Italy’s south.

Greko & Griko — both spoken by the “Calabrian Greeks” — are both timeless testaments to the ancient Greeks’ colonization of southern Italy 2,700 years ago.Now, both languages find themselves on the brink of extinction, and Calabrian Greeks, who are the last living trace of the Greek population who once formed “Magna Graecia” in ancient times, are trying to preserve their language.
A brief history lesson reminds us that Greek was in fact the dominant language and cultural influence throughout a large portion of Italy, including modern-day Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, and eastern Sicily, up until the 14th century.This is a video recording of M. Olimpia  speaking the Greko-Calabrian language. Greko is being spoken from 00:00-00:39 and Italian is being spoken from 00:40-01:09. The video was recorded in April 2017 in Bova Marina (RC), Italy.