Greece is full of olive groves. The Olive Tree,

“the tree that feeds the children” according to Sophocles, is the protagonist of the Greek nature and history as olive oil is the protagonist of the Greek diet.The indigenous olive tree (wild olive tree) first appeared in the eastern Mediterranean but it was in Greece that it was first cultivated.
Since then, the presence of the olive tree in the Greek region has been uninterrupted and closely connected with the traditions and the culture of the Greek people.Today, the olive tree grows in abundance all over Greece. It’s also just as useful as it was back then. The Greek people don’t let any part of the tree go to waste. Olives trees are used for their olives, which are eaten for food and pressed for their oil.
The olive tree has many uses.
Cooks all over the world love eating Greek olives and cooking with the olive oil! It was an important tree in Ancient Greece and will be that way for centuries to come.