“State of Emergency” has been declared for Thassos island and Olympiada in Halkidiki after torrential rainfalls hi northern Greece in the last 36 hours.

The rainfalls caused enormous damages on the island of Thassos, people’s lives were at risk. The mainstream of Potamia overflowed and the water rushed uncontrolled in every direction, sweeping away whatever was on its way.
Locals were trapped in their homes and could only be evacuated and brought to safety with the help of the Fire Service. Two families were forced to abandon their homes as the water flooded them and its height was dangerously increasing.
Roads, homes, shops, hotels, and businesses remained flooded on Saturday as municipality workers and firefighters race against time, as another bad weather front with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms is expected as on Sunday.

The Greek Army has deployed digging vehicles to assist local authorities. Several areas are without electricity as the waters damaged power columns.