Did you know that there are many reasonable options concerning the budget, if you want to visit Greece?

There are many indeed! One of them is the round-trip offered by the Emirates airlines for only $372!
The price is extraordinary low, if you consider that this price is for a departure from Newark Liberty International Airport in the New York City!
Of course, this special offer is valid for passengers who book two or more tickets simultaneously. The passengers, who want to travel solo, can buy their ticket only for $424.However, the truth is that it is better to travel with company. That is why, you should grab a friend and pack your things for Greece.
If you book your ticket now, you will have the chance to arrive in the capital city of Greece, Athens.
If you are lucky enough, you will find a ticket on time. If that will be the case, do not forget to pack your things and also visit the beautiful island of Santorini. The trip will cost you only $40 from Athens, as the Emirates airlines has a special offer.