Often compared to the Caribbean, Syvota is the perfect destination for those who want to spend their summer holidays in an island but do not have the chance to do so.Syvota is located on the southern coast of Epirus, Preveza (ionian Sea) but gives the impression of an exotic island!
The wonderful beaches with the turquoise waters and the sandy coasts along with the warm people make Syvota a very popular destination for Greeks and foreigners.

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The tiny islands dotted in the small bay make a great alternative destination when you explore all the wonderful beaches of the town.

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The best choices for swimming are Mikri Ammos, Megali Ammos, Bella Vraka, Zavia, Megalo Stafo and Plataria.

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Bella Vraka is often considered as the most beautiful beach of Syvota, as it is located on an island where you can reach on foot thanks to the shallow water.

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Syvota is a great destination that offers you the opportunity to explore many other places, such as Parga and Acherontas river.

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Although it is not an island, it has absolutely nothing less than other popular destinations of the Ionian and the Aegean sea.