Symi is a little island that belongs to the Dodekanese archipelago. It is located near to Rhodes, which is very famous for its butterflies’ forest.

Recently Symi has become a very popular travel destination in the Mediterranean Sea, as it offers its travelers accommodations with all the comforts and it has style and a cosmopolitan avra.
The little island combines many characteristics from the past with current trend, providing its guests with an alternative perspective.
The travelers, who seek a place for vacation with great history, astonishing culture and luxurious accommodations, may have found the perfect choice; Symi.The flow of the tourists is great, as there are many tourists. The main group of tourists tend to visit the coast of Turkey and make a trip to this beautiful island in order to gaze the fantastic scenery. 
The dwellings that a visitor will find on the island are of exceptional beauty. They have an architectural harmony and unique colors that may capture your gaze multiple times. The locals are also very friendly with the tourists and offer their help willingly.
If you are a traveler here, you will always find exceptional culinary options, as the restaurants and the local tavernas are well known for their specialties. Do not forget to try the “symiako garidaki”, which is very tasteful. Furthermore, the island has a church, in which you can wish what you want and come true.