Stormy Weather to Hit Greece this Week

Greece’ National Meteorological service warns of severe weather with strong rainfalls, storms and temperature to drop of up to 10 degrees Celsius!The weather deterioration is expected in the early morning hours of Monday, October 23rd.
The bad weather front will set in first in the North-West of the country with main features the strong rainfalls and storms, which can be locally accompanied with hail.Affected areas around Greece are: Central and East Macedonia, Thrace, the islands of North and Eastern Aegean Sea and the Dodecanese.
Strong winds will blow with intensity of 7 Beaufort, locally also with 8 B. Significant temperature drop by 6 to 10 degrees Celsius is expected as well.
The bad weather will affect temporarily: the islands of the Ionian Sea, Epirus, Western Macedonia, Western and Central Sterea, North-West Peloponnese, Thessaly, the Sporades islands and North Euboea.

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