The snow in the center of Athens this morning is one of the few cases in recent decades when Athenians had to sweep the snow from their cars or sidewalks.

In the past three decades, usually snowfall has been limited mostly to the northern suburbs of the capital and the surrounding mountains.
However, snowfall in Athens is not as rare as many would think. In the 1900-2012 period, Athens had a total of 500 days of snowfall, ie 4.5 days per year.
From 1900 to 1983 there were only four years without a single day of snow. In the 1984-2011 period, ie over 28 years, there were 5 years without a single snowflake.Also, in the past 110 years there were five snowfalls in the month of November. The most recent November snowfall was on November 25-26 1976.
Also, there were two years when Athens had snow in April and in the same 110-year period there were six snowfalls during Christmas season