A new weather system dubbed ”Sophia” is heading south from the polar ice cap and is expected to reach most areas throughout Greece on Thursday.

”Sophia” is expected to bring very low temperatures, strong winds and heavy snowfall across Greece beginning on Wednesday evening, with the bad weather affecting nearly every corner of the country on Thursday.
According to the National Observatory of Athens’ (NOA) weather service Meteo, ”Sophia” will affect the country until Saturday, with below-freezing temperatures in many parts of central and northern Greece.
Snow will fall in areas which do not typically receive any, such as the mountains of the Ionian islands and the islands of the northern and central Aegean Sea.The forecast also suggests that the northern suburbs of Athens which have an altitude of over 300 meters (980 feet) will see snow on Thursday.
Temperatures are not expected to rise significantly over the next several days, especially in Northern Greece, where frost will persist at least until the beginning of next week.