The weather split Greece into 2 halves as the north experienced heavy snowfall, whereas a sandstorm and mini-heatwave hit the south (Crete Island).

The contrast in the weather was predicted by meteorologists a few days earlier.
Describing Thursday’s predicted weather as a “special day”, Giannis Kallianos had forecast that while there would be temperatures of between 31-32C in Crete, in the north of the country, icy conditions will result in snowfall.
His forecast was confirmed as in Macedonia the snow has created many problems on the roads. Authorities in the town of Florina shut down all schools on Friday.
The landscape in Florina, as the photographs below prove, is reminiscent of winter instead of early spring. Weathermen say that the snowfall will continue on Friday.
By contrast, a wave of dust blown from Africa has blanketed Crete Island, forcing residents to don masks as doctors warned vulnerable people to stay indoors.
Blown across by freak weather conditions, the dust has turned Crete into a landscape more akin to the planet Mars than a Mediterranean island.