In the north, the beautiful small town of Skopelos is built with the tightly enclosed houses that surround the Castle and go down to the harbor. Among the houses, there are numerous small churches and picturesque narrow alleys that are often interrupted by landings and stairs surround the neighborhoods.
One famous chapel of Agios Ioannis is located on the top of a rock about 100 meters high, and is the place where the scene of marriage on ”Mama Mia” was filmed.
If you want to reach the top you’ll have to climb about 106 steps carved on the rocks, but the view to the sea is truly magnificent…

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The village of Glossa is the second largest settlement in Skopelos. It is located northwest ïf the island and is built on the hill above the port of Loutraki from where you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the natural landscape that will definitely blow your mind.

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Loutraki Glossa of Skopelos is the first port of Skopelos, where the ships first stop there. Here you can find the third ancient city of Skopelos, Selinous, founded by the Halkides in the 8th century BC. century.

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From time to time, small marble statuettes, Hellenistic and Roman inscriptions  and tombs were found at the foundations of the settlement’s houses.There are many beautiful villages like Drakohtisma or Neo Klima, that you definitely should visit.

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Now, if you like hiking or long relaxing walks then Skopelos is the ideal place. There are many wonderful paths,covered with pine trees in Palouki Mountain that  gives to visitor the opportunity to admire the rich nature. The entire island is so picturesque and beautiful that will make your visit an unforgettable experience!