Many stories were told about the popular attraction of the island.

It is considered to be one of the most magical attraction of the island, as it provides its guests with a wonderful view..
Millions of tourists have captured this picturesque scenery for many years. Many has also written about this magical place, which is as if it came from a fairytale.
Apart from the beauty of its current state, this shipwreck carries also a sad story. On October 1, 1980 occurred an awful incident; a shipwreck. The ship was the property of a Greek man named Panagiotis. The past years Panagiotis used his ship for smuggling cigarettes.

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The cause of the accident was that; the smuggling. Panagiotis was smuggling cigarettes, which he had bought in Turkey. He wanted to pass them to the Italian Mafia, while the authorities tried to catch him.

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In his attempt to escape, Panagiotis led the ship into a shallow cove, where she wrecked. The crew abandoned the ship, as the Greek Navy detected them all.

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Despite their escape, the majority of the crew was found within a few days after the shipwreck. As we can see, the beautiful scenery has been caused by criminal personalities, who tried to earn money illegally and escape without facing any consequences.

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Life is a peculiar thing that has many sides and different perspectives. For the sailors at that day the shipwreck was a dreadful incident that cost them their freedom. For us now, the shipwreck is a beautiful attraction that causes us feelings as nostalgia for the past!