Americans Craig Walzer and Oliver Wise went to Santorini in 2002 and when they ran out of books they realized that there wasn’t any bookstore on the island!

So they had a crazy dream; to open their own bookstore in Oia. One and a half years later they managed to make their dream come true…
“We found an empty building in Oia. We found a dog and a cat, opened a bank account, built some shelves and filled the place with books,
In 2019 the bookshop Atlantis Books celebrates its 15th anniversary having been included in several lists of the most picturesque bookshops in the world.Atlantis Books is one of the most enchanting places a traveler could ever hope to stumble upon. A two-room hobbit cave stuffed floor to ceiling with real books—mostly in English,  Greek, French, Italian, German & Spanish.
“Santorini is a beautiful place, but as a tourist, you do not experience the real Greece.

It is a different experience to go through the winter, to enjoy the simplicity of the villages, to see the children of the island growing up….