The Mexican actress Salma Hayek has now apparently embraced Greek culture in all its dimensions. Like many celebrities, the glamorous star chose to vacation this year in the Greek islands, and has stayed there with her husband.

Inspired by the the spirit of the Greek summer, Hayek danced the Syrtaki and broke plates on the island of Paros.

Salma explained in her Instagram post that although her evening started out peacefully, she somehow ended up dancing and breaking plates like a true Greek.

Although the Greek custom of breaking plates goes back to antiquity, it is now very rarely practiced in Greece. This is despite the fact that it is seen as an iconic, or even stereotypical, custom of Greeks internationally.
Throughout her trip on the beautiful island, the actress has been uploading pictures and videos, keeping her fans updated on her whereabouts and the beauty of Greece.

Comments on her posts referred to both Hayek’s and Greece’s great beauty. Greek fans of the actress were particularly happy with her posts from her trip, commenting: “Hope you enjoy Greece as much as we do living here!”