Dinner in the Sky is an extraordinary culinary highlight. The only restaurant in Athens where you can enjoy your meal 50 meters above the ground.

A rotating table for 22 people, along with an exquisite 5 course menu made by highly experienced chefs, lift you up to 50 meters and offers breathtaking views.
Having achieved great success, the primary idea of enjoying your dinner from above began in 2007 in Belgium. More countries followed Belgium’s example since then, with Rome & Paris  among others to be the first supporters.

As the table slowly rotates, customers enjoy a bird’s eye view at 50 meters in the air, admiring amazing views of the illuminated Acropolis and Lykavitos.
Dinner in the Sky can host people with minimum height 1.5 meters for safety reasons. Moreover, if you desire to visit the bathroom all you have to do is ask the waiter and the suspended table gets back to ground.
Dinner in the Sky has even been listed by Forbes among the top 10 most extraordinary restaurants in the world.
Dinner in the Sky is currently operating in more than 50 countries around the world, while in Athens you can discover it within Technopolis at Gazi district.