A little sea Bird trapped in the deadly oil spill was struggling for life. A photographer covering the ecological disaster of Salamina has rescued it.It was stuck in the black sticky masses covering the sea and the shore of Selinia. It was stuck and trapped struggling for life.
Mr Giorgos Moutafis dipped his hand into the unctuous, gloppy, stinky mass and picked the little bird free. With the help of bystanders, Moutafis started to remove as much of the oil film as possible.
Members from the Environmental group of Salamina and the Greenpeace took the bird in need to ANIMA, the non-governmental organization for the Wild Life Protection in Athens.
But the damage was irreparable. Wednesday morning Giorgos Moutafis wrote: “Our little bird didn’t make it. At least some learned: What is an Alkioni. What is an ecological disaster. What is the shipowners’ relation with greed”

Four days after the tanker sank and still nobody speaks about what caused an anchored tank to sink and thus in fair weather conditions. Lips are tied.

The companies assigned with the cleaning up of the sea and the shore let the authorities and media know that “the sea and the shores will have been cleaned up in 20-30 days”. Source: http://www.keeptalkinggreece.com