The most traditional Greek salad that is always served on a Greek table is the Horatiki. Both locals and tourist love this salad and tend to order it whenever they are in a restaurant in Greece.
In every Greek restaurant, small or big, you will have the chance to find a horaitiki salad, which will add a fresh note to your main dish.
Do not forget that many version of this salad are now available. If you are in Greece for the first time, we suggest tasting the original one. What exactly is needed for the preparation of this delicious and fresh summery salad?The most important thing for making this salad is to find fresh vegetables and fruits. Let us begin by mentioning what exactly we will need for the preparation of the salad.
3 tomatoes – cut them into pieces
1 cucumber – cut in rolls
1 onion – slice it
2 green peppers – cut into rings
6 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of vinegar
Salt and Pepper
1/3 lb. feta cheese
2 dozen black olives
Chopped or crumbled dried oregano or parsley
Cut and slice all the fruits and vegetables. Afterwards, put them all in a big bowl and add some olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
Then, put some olives on the top and sprinkle with the parsley or oregano. Finally yet importantly, add a slice of feta cheese.Tip: Do not forget that the key to a healthy diet is also the good company. So, prepare your delicious salad and let your friends know that tonight they will dine with you!