Charles, Prince of Whales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were spotted in the beautiful town of Corfu Island.

According to witnesses, the royals were seen leaving the little airport “Kapodistrias”, which is the main and the only airport of the island.The royal couple was extremely cheerful, as they had the chance to discover the beauties of this Ionian Island.
Lately, many celebrities and VIPs have been visiting the Greek islands and especially the island of Corfu.Corfu is well-known for combining many beautiful characteristics; green landscapes, sea views and a cosmopolitan town.
The royal couple did not stay on the island, though. Rumors say that they have been spotted aborting on a beautiful and luxurious boat and leaving without giving any details about its destination.

We wish that they had a good time, although they were on the island a few hours!