Porto Katsiki can be literally translated with the expression “goat port”.

This beautiful beach can be found on the Greek island of Lefkada on the Ionian Sea. It is extremely well-known not only for its funny name but also for its magnificent waters, which are often characterized as the clearest waters of the Sea.
According to many international magazines, Porto Katsiki is on the list of the top five most popular beaches in all over the world!This region of the island was not accessible in the past. That is the reason, why it has such a peculiar name; only the goats could reach this little “paradise”.If you are a traveler visiting Lefkada, have in mind that Porto Katsiki is located at the bottom of a concave pale cliff.
This exceptional beach is only 35 kilometers from the town of the island, while it lies near to the village called Athani.

If you are a real nature-lover, you should know that Porto Katsiki has parking lots and canteens. However, there is no possibility for camping, as it is prohibited.
Although there was a terrible earthquake two years ago, the beach is now ready to welcome all its potential guests. Do not forget to gaze yourself at its majestic view and its colorful sunset!

Grab your friend or your soulmate, find the ideal accommodation for you and book your tickets! The summer vibes are on, do not forget to feel them!