Plane from London to Athens catches fire

A tourist whose flight from London to Athens, Greece turned into a 33-hour travel odyssey involving four British Airways planes of which caught fire, says he will never fly with the airline again!Geoff Lye said his “nightmare” began when his flight at 1.15pm on Tuesday last week was cancelled due to a faulty cockpit warning light.
A second plane was ready to take off from Heathrow at 5pm before passengers were told it was also being axed.
BA today said this was because the delay from the first cancellation would have meant cabin crew exceeding their allocated working hours.
The pilot reportedly told passengers the cancellation was “the most embarrassing PA announcement I have had to make”.

Passengers had to stay on the plane for an hour because of “security issues” before being let off. They were given vouchers for a free night’s stay in a London hotel and told to return the following day to board a third plane.

However, moments after take-off at 1.40pm passengers heard six loud bangs as the plane juddered and the starboard engine caught fire, spitting out flames.

A fourth plane took off at about 7.40 pm on Wednesday and the couple did not reach Athens until the early hours of Thursday. BA today confirmed that the Heathrow to Athens passengers were forced to board four separate planes over two days.

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