If you want to experience the real history of Athens, Greece and its residense, then you should definitely visit Plaka.

Plaka is the oldest quarter of the city and one of the most beautiful areas, that carries a huge history, shown until today.It is located right under the Acropolis, in the heart of the city. Walking through its picturesque narrow streets you are going to meet incredible monuments:
The Ancient Agora, the Monument of Lysicrates, the Roman Forum with the Library of Hadrian, the Bath House of the Winds and many lovely churches.Do not miss the chance to pass through Anafiotika.
Anafiotika will give you the impression of walking through the traditional paved streets of a Cycladic island, as it was built by workers who came from Anafi Island.
Today Plaka is a very popular destination for those who wish to have a relaxing time away from the bustle of the city.You can enjoy your coffee and then continue with ouzo and delicious “mezedes” at the traditional taverns there. This experience will remain unforgettable!