If you visit this Greek island, don’t even think about taking a souvenir back home.

One perfect white pebble could cost you a fine of up to €1,000…
Lalaria Beach on Skiathos is one of the most idyllic beaches in the world, mostly due to its clear waters and beautiful, smooth, white pebbles that make up the shore.
The pebbles are unique to Lalaria Beach, and pebble pinching has created a huge change in the landscape over the last decade.The Cultural Association and Skiathos Port Authority have posted signs and photos with the tag, “Take a picture, not a pebble.”
Visitors who are caught with pebbles will be fined anywhere between €400- €1,000 (about 468-1,170 USD). The idea to impose fines was originally proposed in 2014.

The beach is only accessible by  boat, so it is probably quite easy to be caught. Next time you’re on the beach, perhaps it would be better to just take some pretty photos.