Paxi or Paxoi is the smallest island group within the Ionian Islands. In Greek it is a plural form. The largest islands are Paxos and nearby Antipaxos.
This tiny Greek island is located south of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea. This is a place with intense cosmopolitan style due to the many yachts in its ports in summer.
Paxos is mostly famous for the wonderful beaches with the exotic blue color! Let’s see below the 10 most beautiful places of this earthly paradise…


Let’s start off with this coastal town and harbor of Paxos. It has all the traditional characteristics towns in Greece have plus it’s surrounded by natural beauty.


Erimitis Beach (means Hermit) and although there’s no hermit, is somewhat secluded making it great for getting away from crowds and enjoying crystal clear waters.


The “Rock of Monolithos” in Paxos is a tourist attraction.

Yes, it translates to Monolith and it’s a big rocky pillar in the sea near the island but there’s more to it. It’s one of the treasured landmarks of the island.


The gorgeous caves around the island are best seen on top of a ferry and that’s one of the most magical experiences to have in Paxoi.


Lakka is a small port in Paxos.

It’s a very scenic location with clean waters and idyllic houses.


The waters are so clear in Kipiadi Beach it looks like the boats that are stopped nearby are floating in the air.

Only their shadow can be seen at the bottom of the sea!


Vrika Beach on the other hand also has lovely clear waters but they’re relatively shallow which means you can walk inside and relax without having to swim.


The blue caves, are one of the most important places in the islands.

There’s a series of them underwater and give the island a magical atmosphere.


Tripitos is the biggest arch of the island and one of the most beautiful in Greece. It feels amazing going through it on a sunny day to catch a glimpse of the arch.


Finally, we have Voutoumi Beach of Antipaxos, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and the whole world. Its waters are turquoise.