Distinguished architects across the world have chosen the ancient Parthenon (Acropolis of Athens) as the most beautiful building in the World.
This emblematic Doric-style building on top of the Acropolis Hill in Athens, the Temple of Athena, was considered by international experts, voting in a poll conducted by Business Insider, to be the most attractive.
The construction of Parthenon began during the governance of the great Pericles and took 5 years to complete. It was designed by the architects Ictinus & Callicrates.It was built to honor Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who is believed to have saved the city during the Persian Wars. It was completed in 432 BC.But there is also the historical significance of the Parthenon and the Acropolis; it is the place where democracy was born, the place where people could express their opinions about state affairs and their everyday lives.
25 centuries later, the Parthenon still dominates the city of Athens, reminding Athenians and visitors from all over the planet that this is the place where Greek civilization was born, later to be recognized as the cradle of Western Civilization.