Top 10 Places to celebrate Easter in Greece

Greece is the perfect destination for your Easter holidays. Here is a complete list of the best Greek destinations for Easter!

Milos Island – The hidden Jewel of Greece

Milos is the most charming Island of the Cyclades and -why not?- of Greece!

Koufonissia: A little piece of Heaven in Greece

Are you an alternative-holidays fan? If you’re into that ‘Robinson Crusoe’ feeling, the twin Islands of Koufonissia is the best choice for you!

Gemista recipe – (Stuffed Tomatoes & Peppers with rice)

Gemista is one of the most delicious dishes of Greece, a perfect food for the summer.

Syvota: The Caribbean Of Greece

Syvota is one of the most beautiful places in mainland Greece (Epirus), full of lush vegetation, crystal clear waters and idyllic landscapes.

Skiathos Airport, The “Saint Martin” of Greece

Due to this, it is a very popular runway to watch flights landing and taking off at close quarters. Skiathos has often been dubbed "the Greek Saint Martin"

Greece Independence Day Parade in New York

Watch live as thousands of Greek Americans gather in New York City to celebrate Greek Independence with a massive parade on 5th Ave!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Old Cities in Europe

Europe is the oldest continent with many medieval cities & villages, which the travelers should not miss. Let us check the best of them!

Simon Reeve: “I could happily live in Greece”

Greece has hit the headlines recently but that hasn't deterred seasoned adventurer Simon Reeve, who's made it the focus of his new BBC2 series!

Top 5 Amazing Monasteries In Meteora

The Meteora Monasteries dated back from 1356. There were around 24, but then it decline in the 16th century and only 5-monasteries were occupied!

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