The famous Hollywood actor Will Smith is on vacation in Greece

Will Smith and his whole family are in Corfu Island (Kerkyra) and they stay in a luxurious yacht for their summer holidays in Greece!

Heatwave with up to 42°C to strike Greece

Air temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, humidity and wind stillness will be the characteristics of the weather expected in the next days.

Which is your Favorite Greek Island ?

Celebrity Mykonos or breathtaking Santorini? Vote for your favorite Greek Island!

Map of Athens with major Places + Sights

A detailed Map of Athens City in Greece, showing main streets, places, roads, towns and sights. Find out where is Athens and get great travel ideas!

Top 7 Alternative Greek Islands You Must Visit

Greece has numerous Islands, less popular and touristy, yet truly wonderful.

Symi – the little cosmopoitan Greek Island

Although Symi is not so well known, as it happens to be a small island, it has a cosmopolitan character that reflects influences from the past!

Explore the Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia Island and its majestic turquoise waters

Greece has many different island; small or big. If you visit Kefalonia, you should not miss the famous Myrtos Beach. Let us find more about it!

8 Best Greek Restaurants In America

In America (United States) there are many Greek restaurants and Greek Taverns where you can explore in the delicious Greek cuisine!

Recipe for Horiatiki – Greek Salad

Greek cuisine is well known for combining healthy and nutritious ingredients with incredible flavors. Let us explore together the Greek culinary world!

Homemade Greek Souvlaki Gyros recipe

Gyros Souvlaki is maybe most popular and delicious street food in Greece !

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