Prince Charles & Camilla holidaying In Greece

Corfu (Kerkyra) is a magnificent Greek island that has been many times in the center of attention for many reasons. In our case, the royals played a major role!

The ancient Greeks of Italy

Did you know that Italians and Greeks are more than neighbors? They share almost the same traditions and customs even the same language!

Top 7 Greek Islands according to Locals

It's estimated that it would take you over 16 years to visit all the Greek Islands. But life is short, let the Greek locals tell you about how it's done!

10 Awesome Places to Visit in Greece (video+photos)

Known for its ancient ruins, sandy beaches, tasty cuisine & friendly people, it is no wonder that Greece ranks among Worlds best counties to visit.

Breathtaking plane Landings at Skiathos airport

This breathtaking video shows the most amazing landing of a Boeing in the airport of Skiathos Island in Greece that was a free show for the people!

The beautiful Cats of Santorini (video)

The beautiful Island of Santorini is home to an unbelievable number of stray Cats and kittens much like the famous Japanese ‘cat island’ of Tashirojima!

7 Reasons to Visit Halkidiki in Greece

If you want a dream-like summer holiday in a more alternative destination the a Greek Island, then Halkidiki in Greece is what you are looking for!

Congratulations to Greece’s Junior National Basketball team for Winning the European Championship tonight.

The Greek men’s under 20 basketball team beat Israel national team 65-56 in Sunday’s final at Iraklio, becoming the 2017 FIBA U20 European Champion!

Top 10 Best Greek Islands (video)

All Greek Island could have been in this Video, but we had to choose only 10 best !

Meteora: the Impressive rock Monasteries in Greece Suspended in the Air

Meteora actually means ‘suspended in the air’. This wonderful site of Monasteries located in central Greece and it is an UNESCO world heritage site.

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