Greek Stifado recipe (beef stew)

This is a really simple recipe for Beef Stifado that it’s loaded in protein too. Stifado is a Greek recipe. Here’s How To Make The Beef Stifado (Greek Stew).

Top 10 reasons to visit Greece in September

Why choosing Greece and the Greek islands for your holiday? You will find here a list with reasons that will make you choose to travel this September to Greece!

Spaghetti with Olive Oil and Mizithra cheese

This Garlic Olive Oil pasta with Mizithra cheese dish is a really convenient meal solution if you are hungry and want to make something quickly!

Airbus321 Powerful GO AROUND at Skiathos airport

Watch this Airbus321 on a low approach at Skiathos Island, when it encounters a 13kt tailwind. The pilot was forced to apply full thrust and go around..

Rescued Bird becomes symbol of Greece Oil Spill

A little sea Bird trapped in the deadly oil spill was struggling for life. A photographer covering the ecological disaster of Greece has rescued it.

Oil spill off coast of GREECE ‘environmental disaster’

The Greek Island of Salamina is suffering from an “ecological disaster” after a tanker carrying more than 2,000 tons of crude oil sunk off the coast.


Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful Cities of Greece. It is easy to fall in love with as it has beauty, culture, remarkable cuisine and vast sea views!

How to Say “Hello” (Yassou) in Greek

Something as learning how to say hello in Greek may have a positive effect on the way you are treated. Use these tips to learn how to greet people in Greek.

Greek Passport among Most valuable in the World

Those born outside Greece to at least one Greek-born parent or grandparent can obtain a Greek passport. It is the World's 23rd most valuable!

Top 100 Greek Phrases for Beginners

Learn the 100 Greek phrases for travelers or for beginners in learning Greek. All the basic phrases, with English translation and a short explanation...

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