Heat-wave strikes Greece and Athens City appeals on locals & tourists to fill up water dispensers for Strays

Athens Municipality has placed 35 water troughs around the city of Athens to ensure that stray cats and dogs can stay hydrated!

The 7 Best Islands to Visit Close to Athens

There are many islands in a really close proximity to Athens that they can be reached in a couple of hours or less and they are amazing.

What is Filotimo? …to the Greeks is like breathing. A Greek is not a Greek without it !

Filotimo is the only Greek Word that can't be translated.

Why you should Never choose All Inclusive in Greece and in Greek Islands

All in inclusive holidays is not an option when it comes to Greece and to Greek Island, unless you want to miss out the whole Greek experience!

Top 10 Cleanest Beaches in Greece

Greece and the magical Greek Island are filled with exotic, gorgeous beaches and coves that many of them are awarded with the blue flag.

Will Smith and his family clean up beaches on Antipaxos Island in Greece ~ Bravo !

Hollywood star Will Smith, his wife Jada and his daughter Willow cleaned up three beaches on Antipaxos Islet (south of Corfu) in Greece!

The famous Hollywood actor Will Smith is on vacation in Greece

Will Smith and his whole family are in Corfu Island (Kerkyra) and they stay in a luxurious yacht for their summer holidays in Greece!

Heatwave with up to 42°C to strike Greece

Air temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, humidity and wind stillness will be the characteristics of the weather expected in the next days.

Which is your Favorite Greek Island ?

Celebrity Mykonos or breathtaking Santorini? Vote for your favorite Greek Island!

Map of Athens with major Places + Sights

A detailed Map of Athens City in Greece, showing main streets, places, roads, towns and sights. Find out where is Athens and get great travel ideas!

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