The 10 Major Greek Gods And Goddesses

The Ancient Greek mythology has influenced the culture and art of the modern world. From here a lot ideas about man, heroes and gods!

Australian actor Hugh Jackman & family holiday in Greece

The Hollywood stars very often choose Greece for their summer holidays.

Extremely High Temperatures in Greece in May 2018

Early Heat-wave in Greece with temperature up to 34°C in the shadow.

Jon Bon Jovi in Mykonos for his summer holidays

American rock star & heartthrob Jon Bon Jovi choose Mykonos for his summer holidays!

8 Things to Never Do in Greece

Like every other country, Greece has its own traditions and ways that you need to know in order you have a nice stay without problems!

10 Reasons to Visit Greece & the Greek Islands

The sun, the wonderful seas, the friendly people are just a few things that makes the summer in Greece and in Greek Islands unforgettable.

Heat-wave strikes Greece and Athens City appeals on locals & tourists to fill up water dispensers for Strays

Athens Municipality has placed 35 water troughs around the city of Athens to ensure that stray cats and dogs can stay hydrated!

The 7 Best Islands to Visit Close to Athens

There are many islands in a really close proximity to Athens that they can be reached in a couple of hours or less and they are amazing.

What is Filotimo? …to the Greeks is like breathing. A Greek is not a Greek without it !

Filotimo is the only Greek Word that can't be translated.

Why you should Never choose All Inclusive in Greece and in Greek Islands

All in inclusive holidays is not an option when it comes to Greece and to Greek Island, unless you want to miss out the whole Greek experience!

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