Greece breaks record with Visitors and Tourists arriving in the Greek Islands

Greece was visited by 3.2 million global visitors last August (2017), breaking all time records and highlighting the Tourism sector’s growth...

Heat-wave with 42°C to sweep across Greece

Air temperature above 40°C. Winds down, temperatures up will be the characteristics of the weather expected in the first 10 days of August in Greece.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is well known for its warm weather and scenic beaches. You’ll also find historic villages, ancient ruins, incredible mountains and vibrant cities.

11 Greek Foods you have to Try!

An In-Depth Video list of the 11 Must-Eat mouth watering Foods & Meals you have to Taste before leaving Greece and the magical Greek Islands!

10 Things you should Never Do in Greece

It’s no wonder why Greece is a dream vacation for any traveler. But before you live that dream, here are top 10 Things NOT To Do in Greece!

Breathtaking plane Landings at Corfu Island

This breathtaking video and photos shows the most amazing landings in the airport of Corfu in Greece that was a free show for the people!

The Ancient Underwater City in Greece

In Peloponnese region, Greece, there is a small village called Pavlopetri, where you can find an ancient sunken city dating back 5,000 years!

The tiny Greek Islands of Paxos & Antipaxos

Paxoi are a group of 2 small islets, Paxos and Antipaxos. They are located at the Ionian Sea and are famous for having clear waters in the World!

Angelina Jolie & K. Reeves spotted in Paxos Island

It is not necessary to visit Hollywood in order to have an autograph from the famous Jolie. Paxos Island is the place to be this summer!

John Stamos Is a Proud Greek-American

John Stamos is a famous Greek-American actor, producer & musician. He first gained recognition for his role on General Hospital TV series.

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